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Your Comments


"Once more thank you for the magnificent work you have done. The course manual is “out of this world” – very personal, useful, creative, fun and inviting".

"I feel I have been on a very exclusive ride, enjoying myself, being inspired by everyone and everything around me and on top of that getting it all documented in such a CREATIVE fashion".
"Just looked through your creative e-documentation. Congratulations to the Intuthink team, it all looks superb and extremely professional. Good luck in the New Year. Can't wait for the next instalment! Keep me posted".
"Just a quick thank you for the fabulous workshop you ran for our group. It was enjoyable, productive and useful throughout the week. Please send thanks to all at Maison Des Arts who made it such a success.
I have some comments from the particpants for you:

Great fun
I really enjoyed this session, Learning from doing - it was different.
Something different!
Great value
Helps you think differently.
Great experience".
"I spent some time this morning going over your message and the Intuthink website, and have to congratulate you on an excellent job.  The website as a website was most impressive, and illustrates well the very thing Intuthink is teaching.  But, the real WOW! comes from the content of the Course Manual, Mitch.  It is so well thought out, sequenced and presented that I am lost in admiration.

l in all, you have done a job that is well worth doing absolutely superbly.  Congratulations!"

"Just to say . . .  and if I haven't thanked you already, let me do so again with true gratitude.  They were a wonderful three days - and I enjoyed myself so much and benefited immensely".
Jane D

"I just wanted to say that what you both do their is really special and powerful and needed. The need in my sector is massive for this type of a programme / intervention and I see from your Board of Advisors that you have clicked this with one of them working in the UN in the past.

If I can do anything to assist you get it out there, please do not hesitate to ask. Its huge what you have!!!"
John G


"First day back at work for many of us after our enlightening week and it's taken me a while to settle down. I've implemented some of my commitments already (the Don't Fight the Feeling poster is hung on the bedroom wall, my pared-down list of tasks is in my wallet and I've waxed lyrical about the week to my colleagues). Even so, I'd still rather be elbow deep in purple paint, or devouring a delicious lunch on the terrace at Maison des Arts."
Lucy J.C.


"I am very busy re shooting my portfolio for 2006, and I must say that since the course it has taken a completely different direction to that of which it would have gone had I not spent the week with you and Alan, once I have shot all of the new images I will email you a link to the new site for you to take a look at".
Richard W

"I want to thank you all for making the week so memorable. It was a wonderful working
holiday! . . . Mitch and Alan, thanks for the energy and dedication you put into the course. I look forward to the course handbook and photos".
Ulla B

"Thank you for such an enjoyable week, I wanted to write you a quick  note to let you know how much fun I had and to thank you for igniting a  passion for painting that I didn't know I had, since I have left I have  painted numerous pictures, and I think I might be getting better at  it. The course was so beneficial for me on so many levels, work and

Thank you for your knowledge and your positive encouragement, . .  I came away feeling very invigorated".
Richard W



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